For Smart integrated Solutions for Facilities

Energeers is founded with a vision to provide smart, integrated solutions for facilities so as to foster maximum safety and comfort for lowest operating costs and energy use for a sustainable future. Our customer base is commercial and industrial facilities, schools and universities, malls and hospitality sector, hospitals and area infrastructure. Our motto is “service with a smile and social and environmental responsibility”. We are interested in supporting causes for health care, education, agriculture, with an impetus towards greening the world.

Facilities Managers have a very busy and challenging life and Energeers focuses in Value-Added services that makes a facility more appealing and productive. Energeers value is added by its performance and energy-use assessment tools, gathering and analysis of data and recommending and implementing effective solutions. Our initial goal is to perform adjusting, balancing and commissioning of systems as an independent quality control plan to ensure that performance of systems meets the operational needs, and design criteria set up before start of construction.

In that regards, our services span the following types of services for verifying compliance:


Overall Benefits of services provided by Energeers include,

• Smoother transition at project handover
• Discover problems early when they are less expensive to fix
• Improved comfort & performance
• Creates more effective O&M via documentation and facility staff training
• Improved indoor air quality
• Fewer occupant complaints
• Lower energy costs.
• Lower Operating Costs
• Improve humidity control & ventilation
• Greater investor confidence
• Recommendations based on economic viability-short term, medium term & long-term measures.
• Report submission, discussion of recommendation with the client & finalizing the report with the client.
• Modify and improve operations & scheduling
• Modify and improve equipment and building maintenance services
• Sustainability – reducing waste