SPA – System Performance Audit



As facilities age, many facility executives find themselves struggling to keep older Electrical, Mechanical & HVAC systems and their components operating. Breakdowns, difficulty finding replacement parts, decreased system performance, changed user requirements and decreased energy performance all encourage facility executives to upgrade or replace their aging Electrical, Mechanical & HVAC systems.

Whether you want to enhance the performance of your Chiller, Boiler, Pumps, AHU, FCU, Cooling Tower and BMS etc. Energeers can help you do so while identifying ways for you to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Know-how to enhance your operations and improve the capacity of equipments

By conducting an onsite System Performance Assessment, Energeers experts can boost productivity and reduce total cost of ownership for your equipment, system or process.

Realize your full potential

Let Energeers help you realize the full potential of your equipment, system or process by conducting a System Performance Assessment.
Based on our field expertise and extensive practical experience, Energeers experts review and analyze operating conditions in a selected area to identify areas for improvement.


The outcome of SPA and consulting activities include one or more of these recommendations to:

  • Improve performance quality, quantity and efficiency
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Optimize life cycle costs
  • Improve the mode of operation and maintenance through standardization, simplification and/or training
  • Change process specifications such as the level of automation, mixtures and/or cleaning regime
  • Perform equipment audits
  • Perform energy audits
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Provide advice on spare parts inventory and maintenance routines
  • Improve safety and/or regulatory compliance

We offer SPA at our cost to demonstrate the value of existing system and short term, medium term & long term benefits.
We will also suggest value added services & measures to make the system and equipments function more reliable and efficient. It will raise the awareness for long term life cycle benefits of system and equipments.