Energeers provides field services to review, assess and provide solutions for fire safety, water and inert fire suppression systems, assess various mechanical and electrical safety provisions and suggests measures to mitigate hazards and to avoid compromising on safety in any regards.

The building industry strives to design, construct and operate buildings to allow operations in a safe and reliable manner and to withstand both natural disasters and man-made and environmental hazards. Energeers’ review and solutions facilitate the maximum safety, reliability and resilience in operations and maintenance of buildings. Helping buildings and their systems withstand and recover from natural disasters requires technical knowledge and resources that Energeers is well equipped provide. We use the knowledge gained from disasters like the recent earthquakes and flooding in India and others, as well as predictions of the effects of climate change, to our advantage to save lives and infrastructure in the future. Energeers allies with other public and private organizations with commitments to protect the public and building stock.

Energeers employs the guidelines for safety, reliability and resilience provided by ASHRAE, ISHRAE, Green Buildings Council amongst other allied organizations. The Resilience Building Coalition releases a set of guiding principles to help the building industry adopt resilient design and policies. These include developing and advocating for codes and policies that advance safety and resilience; developing “whole-systems flexible design” approaches for the built environment; and providing guidance, beyond the baseline life-safety codes, that recognizes the importance of fortifying property for individual and community resilience.

Staff Development & Training

Operations & Maintenance Management and staff are critical for efficient operations and to ensure that safety, reliability and availability of buildings is not compromised. Based on the equipment manuals and manufacturer’s recommendations, Energeers prepares detailed Training Manuals, power point presentations, checklists and Questions and answers that can be used for operations. Both the Clas-Room and On-line Training sessions are provided for training of the staff as well as for allowing them to :refresh” their knowledge periodically.