Most Organizations place a great importance on design and construction of facilities, but become complacent after a building is constructed and handed over. Looking at the life-cycle cost of a building, design and construction cost only 3 to 7 percent of total cost, while most of the cost goes into post-construction occupancy and field services.

Post Construction field services comprising of testing, balancing, commissioning, Energy Management and structured operations and management help launch a new facility towards high benefits over the life-span of a building. These services are an independent quality control measures and provide direction for optimal management of facilities. Re-commissioning of existing buildings every 2 to 3 years helps sustain high performance targets.

All countries focused on economic, social and environmental balance, consider post construction commissioning, energy management, staff development and strengthened operations. Post-construction field services are budgeted and a high priority is attached to such services. India is rolling at the launching pad of innumerable opportunities. Placing priority on quality control for facilities management through post-construction filed services offers a perfect opportunity to match and exceed high-performance goals in a competitive environment, for maximum comfort at lowest energy and water use and lower operating costs.Many Facility Managers have the skills, desire, and commitment , but lack the resources and programmatic approach needed to be successful

That is where we come in. Our priority is to meet the needs of the occupants and clients. we set up the criteria for successful operations, perform survey and audits, review sequence of operations, test, balance and commission the buildings and continue to monitor to ensure that high performance levels are sustained. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, a life-cycle approach with tuned facilities and empowered and trained facilities management staff can focus on improving operations and preventing problems rather than reacting to emergencies. This evolves into a Win-Win situation for all.


Om Taneja
Managing Director
An Astitva Group Company