AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract

Our company is committed to providing top-quality system maintenance service and repair while maintaining a respectful attitude toward you and your Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing & Life safety system.

The program will include basic service and will stipulate any additional service on extra cost. No matter what service you choose, our expert technicians will present you with all of your options, including the total cost, before starting any work, so you can decide what is right for you.
Services are available on daily, weekly and annual basis.

Our AMC service provides companies with a Professionally Managed, on-going Plant, Mechanical, Electrical & HVAC etc Preventive Maintenance Program.

The AMC activities are regularly scheduled and based upon manufactures recommendations, equipment application, location, type, operating time, maintenance history and our field experience. You will be kept updated and informed on your system’s status through Detailed Service Reports, presented after each visit for your review, approval and records.

To lower your chances of needing unexpected, emergency repairs, we offer routine maintenance for your overall system.

Our AMC service is a professional testing; adjustment and safety check that we perform on all types of mechanical and electrical equipment to help maintain peak performance and safety plus reliable operation. Through proactive maintenance, you can save on utility bills and increase the lifespan of your system equipment.

Because we offer such a wide variety of services here at Energeers, we can offer you specialized service agreements that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. Whether you’d like a service agreement for your newly-installed mechanical system, the electrical system in your business, one or other service, or all of the above, a service agreement with Energeers ensures that you’re always open for business.

Scope of AMC

Items Included in AMC

  • Chillers/Boilers
  • AHUs
  • Primary Pumps
  • Secondary Pumps
  • Electrical Panels
  • HVAC Plant room
  • Electrical Control System
  • VFDs
  • Fresh Air Fan
  • Exhaust Air Fan
  • BMS

We will maintain NOC to be responsive during day & off hour.
We will also coordinate in specialized manufacturer support on High end equipments and Machines (Chillers, Boilers, VAM and VRV etc.)